Ocean Basket La Croisette – Eat for Free

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  • Vic Veeraj Goyaram

    Ocean Basket is rather expensive but definitely good value here in South Africa. A clever strategy too.

  • They have an excellent service and good quality food. It is noticeable that staff are well trained.

  • Pou vegetarien ki ena labas? 😛
    Sea weeds? xD

  • lol. Nice joke 😛
    Seriously, I don’t know if there’s any.

  • Difficile pou moi. 🙁
    Pas grave. 🙂

  • JP Fortuno

    I don’t like Ocean Basket food at all, pretty much overrated

  • On my visit to Mc Do Phoenix yesterday, I remembered what you said above. There too, the staff is always smiling, making the most of your visit there.

  • On some extent, I have to add that the few times I have been there, I always ended up with something similar on my plate. Perhaps, I should try to see if I can taste something else the next time.

  • JP Fortuno

    for seafood, I’d advise a few restaurants at Grand Baie (if you want to eat fish)

    for sushi, sushime at ebene (but there’s a price to pay), and for those huge prawns, maybe spur or restaurants at grand baie…