Representing DCDM Consulting @ job fair

9:30am : i was asked if i am ready to talk in a presentation about my experience @ dcdm consulting…

9:35am : was looking for someone to lend me a tie so that i could immediately leave for the university by taxi.

10:00am : Already in university,preparing to attend and talk in a presentation to promote DCDM Consulting, in the job fair organised by IS Society.


A job fair which i would qualify as amateurly-organised as they failed in the organisation. All conferences were cancelled due to lack, or ZERO presence of students in the supposingly-advertised conferences. Lot of money to a waste in organisation, it remained finally a job fair, wiz different companies at different stands, recruiting potential candidates for different posts.

I would qualify the job fair as a PURELY POLITICAL EVENT for the coming student union election in the forthcoming weeks/months.

From 10hrs to about 16hrs, I was hence, at our stand, promoting our company, and looking for our potential candidates for vacancies starting from analysts, associate / software engineer and higher.

Its another big experience, to represent your company, despite again the lack of professionalism in the event organisation. However, i met lots of friends, and other ppl, interested in wat we do at DCDM Consulting, how we work and on wat.


DCDM Consulting, which was totally unknown to lots of ppl as they thought we were in accounting and auditing….no no no…. we deal wiz IT Consultancy, Outsourcing, Analysis and Software Development.

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2morrow ends my rulz as a student…

first of all, sorry for being absent on the net these days.

Since last wednesday, been suffering from severe fever, pains, and now gastric problems, a real pain!

& thats my 4th vaccin in less than a week.

anyway, work is doing great and havent got much inspiration to write these days.

However, tomorrow will be a memorable day, the last day where i will be paying student fair in the bus :P


as from next week, finish all those priviledges as a student.

in some time, perhaps will have to be paying the income tax to compensate for all those luxuries while i enjoyed free transport for 2 years(kant meme!)

well thats all from me,

thnks for being regular here, regards!

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friday, what a gr8 day!

17 10hrs:
I was walking back to take the bus at the “La gare le nord”, when i got a great idea

y not blog this great day!

lol, first of all, read the following letter [image format]

i found this joke too good, while reading it together wiz Deepa…{she wanted to see her name in this post}

Now, back to my post…

the week came to an end too quickly,
so quickly
that i didnt realise it was over!

This ends my second week at DCDM Consulting & it didnt take me too much time to adapt there.
Everyone is gr8 out there, working and also joking…
The atmosphere is cool and u dont even realise that

  • its time for ur first coffee at 930,
  • lunch at noon and
  • again another coffee break at 1530

oh, i forgot to mention, offered by DCDM plz :)

So, friends, how was ur week?

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My first day @ work at DCDM Consulting

The First day was here…..

Not exactly the “jour J” which everyone wants but i was really starting to get bored at home, nothing to do whole day.
Officially more than 1 month at home (15 juin – Project Presentation day to yesterday, 22 July)

 first day

so, i continue….
having got my job confirmation on last wednesday afternoon, i was asked to start my job on monday 23th july, as associate software engineer.

Yesterday, i got everything prepared, as some of u saw on my msn

Cravate…ok Chemise…ok Pantalon…ok Glace Soulier…ok
2main, working at DCDM Consulting, as associate software engineer

Got up a bit earlier today and I reached DCDM Consulting, Champs de Mars, Plouis at about 845, waited a bit and after I was welcomed there by HR dept, i was given to fill some forms for official purposes.

Then, at 10hrs, i was brought to visit the 5th floor, occupied by DCDM Consulting, meet each and every future colleague there and all the managers and finally ended with the lounge (tea room, u can say it like this)

Following the introduction to everyone there, another new joiner and myself had to go to the Accenture, 11th floor, CyberCity by means of DCDMC Transport.
Accenture had a vacancy for an analyst and since the other new joiner was recuited as analyst, she got preference and late in the evening, she got confirmation that she would join accenture in the following days to work on a specific project.

Meanwhile, i will be assigned another task in DCDMC itself, until i get assigned on some project, where my software engineering skills will be put at test for the first project.

At accenture, i met some friends, including Zainab, with whom i made a tour to WAY to get something to eat. Thnks zai for accompanying me ;)

After our visit to accenture, we were brought back to Plouis where we met our manager who talked a bit wiz us, explaining practically everything which concerns us, the job, our role and the company.

i would like to add that all the (future) collegues and managers are all very friendly and the working environment is pleasant :DSo, a big HI to them if any of them happen to read this.

I am confident that we would be making a great team if we work together on some project in the very near future.
However i would get my working space, perhaps by tomorrow.

Then, we were given a document of 50 pages to read, and late in the evening, our manager questioned us a bit about that doc, but unfortunately for the first day, we hadnt learnt much and couldnt grasped everything written.

I left office (lol) at 520pm after having met the HR again to finalize who will be staying at DCDMC for the moment and who will work together wiz accenture.

fatiguer (lol) after this first day, i reached home nearly 615pm and at 6 40pm i started to blog about this very first day of my very first official job :D
Now am gonna to eat something, before coming back to chat a bit :P

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