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Fishing peacefully

He is a Mauritian, and he has done nothing to the world… So, why should they say Boycott Mauritius?


Another police vehicle in disabled parking

I am confused here. Are they really disabled or they though that the vehicle was a motocycle? I was in a hurry while taking the shot with my mobile, else I would have provided...


Flying For Dummies

A friend of mine shot this picture with his 24x zoom camera 😛 I quickly modified it on photoshop a few minutes ago. Probably can get better results if I put on some more...


Ile Phare

Nice place but bring your tents/umbrellas to hide from the sun.


The minute my car’s dashboard gone mad!

I was on the fast lane near Bagatelle, driving towards Port Louis when suddenly, all the readings on the dashboard dropped to 0 (the speedometer, the fuel tank reading, the temperature and the motor...