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Phénomène : Journées mondiales – un effet de mode

Paru dans l’édition du jour du DefiQuotidien : “Journée mondiale du blog La démocratisation de l’accès à l’Internet dans l’île a donné naissance à plusieurs blogueurs. Ces derniers participent souvent aux célébrations de la...

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4 years and things have changed.

  Exactly 4 years ago, I launched this photoblog. Since then, I posted nearly 400 images which gathered some hundreds of comments with a total of about 2000 ratings… Nice experience overall as it...

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Kot coiffeur

I realised that I could kill some time by shooting pics with my mobile while waiting for my turn 😛

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Helmet with camera attached.

A closer look at the mechanism used to attach the camera to the helmet of the motorider, spotted along the motorway today.

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Shot with a 35mm…

We went to the beach again but after a few minutes, the rain drove us back home. Fortunately, the first shot was the good one.

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ProLink WNR1010 (Wireless router)

Purchased this one at Rs1000 (Vat included) at Pascal Computers today. I will write a review on the blog later on, let me use it first.

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Which way?

Difficult decision to take! Shot somewhere in Quatres Bornes by a friend A.M.

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Walking back home

The fishermen were walking back home at around 6pm last Saturday. Wonder if they had any good catch.