Nomad… nouveau cazotte..

well, my nomad gallery series continue…

This time, an exclusivity!

well, its the modem of my x-classmate, Kunal, a real pro in inventing things, doing great animations with his maya software and much more…

without forgetting his special speaking style with a lots of “f***” words..

well, here is his funny modem!


Funnier than mine !!! tire sapo r sa piti la!

U can have a look at mine here..

some quick facts :

  • His modem is installed on the roof (2nd floor)
  • Security : a simple ‘cadenas!’ lol !
  • Cables : a 30 m LAN cable together with its power cable
  • Connection : depends upon probability and cloud coverage



I will soon put new pics of my 2nd nomad,yah :(

Just before i return it at the end of the 1 yr contract…

Sure, it will be memorable since it is in a “condition pitoyable!!!”

Comments welcomed


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1 month already


more than 1 month since i started blogging and
a total of more than 700 unique daily hits!!!
[note : my hits do not count]
thats more than i expected at the start but seems that i was wrong. This is an enormous encouragement and i hope that in the future i will continue to blog more and more interesting things.

I also with to thank all my friends/referees who have linked me back from their blogs.
thanks to all of you for your frequent visits to my blog….

(lol, have got to hurry since i have only 5 mins left to go to the bus stop & my lecture is starting in 1hr30!)

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My blog… Am back!!!

for 3 days, i was helpless since my hard disk was gone together with everything i had n which i hadnt done any backup yet. Meanwhile, I managed with Kubuntu Live but the problem is that each time, i used the laptop i had to install amsn, xmms for mp3, and other things i needed…it was a pain striking process! But today i bought a 80 GB Samsung Laptop Hard disk @ rs 3900…

Earlier i though to go for an external normal hard disk. In this case, i would boot my system from usb. Reasons for this was high hard disk price & also because of the fact that i could carry the external drive anywhere ( to copy things from here n there). In addition to these, given my battery is worn out, my ‘laptop’ does not run for more than 45 mins with its battery!

But then I abandoned this idea as the price difference was only rs1000.

laptop hd
So, here I am, with a brand new 80 GB hard disk compared to my earlier one of only 30 GB !

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HD Failure & Power Of Kubuntu

really one of the worst things that can happen to me!

my hard disk has crashed!
reason? well, its due to lack of care, but not from mine!
no hard disk, no windows, then how am blogging???

thats the power of Kubuntu Live

kubuntu logo

despite the hard disk being out of my laptop, with the Kubuntu Live CD you can run the Operating system and do anything u want…
blogging for instance or chat, word processing, everything u want…
but it takes a little more time to load since everything is stored in ur RAM Memory…
better wait for some mins than having to go to bed without my internet!

well, below is a screenshot of kubuntu


try it someday, it may become useful when ur hard disk crashes.

One of the rare advantages of Nomad is that it works in Kubuntu without any need for configuration, lol, i dont know how to do any configuration in Kubuntu..well, only the basic ones.

well, leave u here…
anyone with a spare laptop hard disk is welcomed :D
am gonna buy the new one on monday i think…


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9000 visits !

already about 9000 visits on my site ….

9000 visits

i don’t really rely on this counter since it records all hits…

nevertheless the daily counter does work great and i got another counter which confirms the daily hits !

10 ViSitS! daily ! nice…

i try my best to regularly update the site but with uni, its a bit more difficult these days…

i promise will try my best in some 1 or 2 weeks…

till then, keep in touch through the blog !


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