UOM Movies & SkreemR Audio Search Engine

hi to all….
2 subjects : UOM Movies & a gr8 audio search engine….

first of all, good news to all uom students.
Movies week is here(according to our president)
so, here is the schedule;

I guess that the sessions would be at 930 and perhaps 13hrs, like the last time.

Fool and Final
Pirates de Caraibes 3
Les Yeux de la colline
Tararararararumrumpumpumpum :P
Spiderman3 or 300

I got all these from Roushdat‘s blog, so if any of these are false, u know that next time, no need to vote for him in the elections :P

Now, let me give you the link of a great audio search engine….

You get

  • Direct Downloads
  • Rating
  • Results Preview

ya, the results preview is very cool.
u can listen to the song before downloading it, using its own web based player, which i suppose is of Ajax, just like its rating system.

U can also make it more handy by adding it to your firefox…

so,leave u here and hope to see you in the auditorium for the movies….

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Nomad : Chassez le naturel, il revient o gallop

hello to all….

i should first of all be grateful that nomad is working and allowing me to post this in my blog…thnks :D

so, “mo commence plaigne imper”

this started 2 days back, with a very low speed since early the morning.
i called them to complain as usual and during the “troubleshooting”, at one time, when the modem was reset from there, it became “capoute”/Out of order…
some technical problem, no display on screen and no connection

please note that as usual, at that time, the BTS antenna was again out of order and the persons concerned are always there as usual to put it to work again.

I had to go to a nomad stand to get it exchanged and supposingly enjoy a good connection, as says the moto;

“High Speed Reliable Internet Access”

no no no…
since then, my connection seems ko.
am getting surf speeds of about 50-70kbps for a 128 kbps modem.

Screenshot taken before writing this

today, since the morning, have been calling them several times and no one is able to give me a reason why i am getting this speed.
i called them at 1730 and “customer care agent la ine passe ene movais 10mins”

ah, seems that nomad is kouma dire “la boutik sinois”…

there is no one in charge there at times, just like today, when i asked to talk to one of the supervisors or even a technician.

after, some “maltraiter and kozer kouyon”, a supervisor was “finally available” and according to her,

bane fluctuations lo rezo dan le nord p cause sa problem la.

i agree 4 fluctuation, but not at the rate of 50%, sometimes giving 50kbps!

It seems that as usual and always, technicians are working on it right now and everything will be ok at 19hrs. i promised to her to call her back at 19hrs….LOL….

so, thats about the everyday life of nomad users….

hmm, Nomad Newsletter is back, 5th edition….
just one screenshot is enough:

i would like to know to which extent is this true….

ah, also, i forgot to mention that according to nomad,

Customers do not have the right to use a software called
“Navini Diagnostic” which is freely available from Navini’s Site.

Instead, I encourage, every nomad user to download it(if ur nomad works) and use it koz

  • It allows u to know from which antenna u r receiving connection
  • Distance from that antenna
  • Reset your modem from your computer itself
  • Get technical details about your modem
  • Get Graphs of Speed and Quality

Get it Now and tell Customer Care that it is available and you are using it.

U can also meet the nomad staff here:

finally, do not forget but

Infotech will be coming soon, hehehehehe

Connection is now 65kbps, just checked!

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Final Year Project Presentation

Finally, le jour J….
the day that most of us were awaiting since so long…

I woke up much earlier than usual, 530am, to get ready in time, and prepare everything i needed for the day.
ene coup aspirateur dan loto, ya, got the permission to take the car out to uni, special day, took a bath, met zoli chemise, cravate + pantalon and left home at about 730.

Reached uni at about 9hrs, went to the lab (special thanks to all the lab attendants), started to set up my own network to connect my laptop, Vicky’s Laptop via  his switch… We were later joined by Splash and Etech(Azagen) with their laptops.

It was a pleasant atmosphere, not much stress, we were all joking and pulling the legs of our friends koz each one of us had different names, according to our laptops;

  • Dual Core (Vicky)
  • Dual Core 2 (Splash)
  • Celeron (Etech)
  • P4 (me)

Again, big thnks to Vicky, Splash and Etech for helping me in my project demo.

Some mins after, our group grew bigger with the arrival of other friends, and last but not the least, my project partner, Sandra(late as usual for the past 3 yrs)

better late than never :P

We then, tested our software for a last time, still correcting some minor bugs and we carried out a draft presentation, in the lab itself…

At about 1115, we moved to room C, where i installed my laptop and my bluetooth :P

This was nice! I used my mobile phone as a remote control to control my power point presentation. thus, no need to stand near the keyboard and press the keys at each time.

At about 1130, our project Supervisor (Mr Pavaday) and our examiner (Mr Baichoo) showed up and we immediately started our presentation which lasted for some 20 mins.

The presentation went on smoothly and so was the demo, during which, all of our 3 software, managed to work correctly, giving 200% of themselves, without crashing or causing any errors… :D




That was the result of our hard work, carried out for months!

Well thats from our point of view…

After our presentation and that of our friends, we moved to Caudan where we ordered some pizza (wi mo koner, again! )

the traditional pic goes as follows :P

Finally before leaving Caudan abt about 4pm, we had an interesting photo session…

Again, i wish to thank all those who offered their help and assistance during this project… Without u, it would have been impossible to do the project (kidding sa :P )

Friends, it was a pleasure for the last 3 yrs to have been together and now its time, for some of us to leave the university (hope I will be in this batch, with no resits) but however, we wont ever forgot those moments, that will remain memorable… [kouma dire mo p ekrire essay :S ]

Leave u here, hope to get your comments in this post…

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Lost my leather bracelet :(

This evening, in Port Louis, i have lost my leather bracelet, gifted to me by my swthrt…

i never realised how it can be sad and painful when u lose something,important to your eyes, and above all, gifted to u by someone for whom u care a lot.

One of those F*#$ guys walking past me, have most probably picked up my bracelet when they found it falling and i realised that my hand was “strange” some 5 secs after, but it was too late.

The last time, i was taken in picture with it was yesterday itself, in uni and the most weird thing about it is that this morning itself, for the first time, i examined it properly, looking at its structure and how it was made.
who knew that it was going to be the first and last time?
anyway, seems that sometimes, i do get these kindda things :S

Exactly 32 days since i received it as a gift and its already lost :(
am sorry for losing it (so soon :P, kidding)

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Testing Projects…

the la ligne droite final is here….

The Final Year Project Presentations will be held on this Wed, Thurs and Friday…

just like tens of other friends of CSE Department, this week, i am rather busy in computer labs to test our software in real time conditions (Using uom network ) to find out small bugs into my software

Now, at 1150pm on 11 June 2007, i can say that both of my end of yr software are working 99.9% correctly (until new bugs are found)

hmm, just to add, i will be presenting my project entitled
Implementing Fingerprint-based Secure Systems
on Friday 15th June 2007 in Room C at 1130…
you are cordially invited if u promise to remain silent and do not ask any questions during questions time :D

[special thanks to Vicky for his help and special request for him to stay at home on that day]

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