friday, what a gr8 day!

17 10hrs:
I was walking back to take the bus at the “La gare le nord”, when i got a great idea

y not blog this great day!

lol, first of all, read the following letter [image format]

i found this joke too good, while reading it together wiz Deepa…{she wanted to see her name in this post}

Now, back to my post…

the week came to an end too quickly,
so quickly
that i didnt realise it was over!

This ends my second week at DCDM Consulting & it didnt take me too much time to adapt there.
Everyone is gr8 out there, working and also joking…
The atmosphere is cool and u dont even realise that

  • its time for ur first coffee at 930,
  • lunch at noon and
  • again another coffee break at 1530

oh, i forgot to mention, offered by DCDM plz :)

So, friends, how was ur week?

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Another UOM Part :)

Just got back from my last end of (academic year) party held at the University, from 16hrs to 22hrs.
In Brief, the last semester’s party was much more better, click here to read more

dont ask me y they put it as from 16hrs, no one knows this and i ask myself, when really students started to “chauffe la piste”, perhaps at about 18-19hrs!

Complete waste of time!

and lol, supposingly a “prom night

haha, cpv compter combien ine habille correctement :P
anyway, i didnt want to wear formal clothes, after wearing such clothes for the whole 1 week of work !

anyway, lets stop criticizing a party which was supposed to be held, last friday, ayo, mone recommencer!
Almost every students were angry for the time allocated for the party!

so, i did not let go this last opportunity of enjoying wiz friends, and i did, really everything, to attend this party and the related-hmm things.

Below is a pic of the parking space, converted to temporary restaurant :P

before the end of the party, i was completely chaos… currently in process of becoming normal :)

some mins after 10pm, we got on our way back home, in a friend’s car.

so, here am i,

  • safe and sound,
  • la tete imper lourda bit en desordre
  • a deep wound/scratch of 5cms on my arm because i carelessly hurt myself wiz the fencing there

  • and without doubt, a “gueule de bois” for tomorrow :P

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My first day @ work at DCDM Consulting

The First day was here…..

Not exactly the “jour J” which everyone wants but i was really starting to get bored at home, nothing to do whole day.
Officially more than 1 month at home (15 juin – Project Presentation day to yesterday, 22 July)

 first day

so, i continue….
having got my job confirmation on last wednesday afternoon, i was asked to start my job on monday 23th july, as associate software engineer.

Yesterday, i got everything prepared, as some of u saw on my msn

Cravate…ok Chemise…ok Pantalon…ok Glace Soulier…ok
2main, working at DCDM Consulting, as associate software engineer

Got up a bit earlier today and I reached DCDM Consulting, Champs de Mars, Plouis at about 845, waited a bit and after I was welcomed there by HR dept, i was given to fill some forms for official purposes.

Then, at 10hrs, i was brought to visit the 5th floor, occupied by DCDM Consulting, meet each and every future colleague there and all the managers and finally ended with the lounge (tea room, u can say it like this)

Following the introduction to everyone there, another new joiner and myself had to go to the Accenture, 11th floor, CyberCity by means of DCDMC Transport.
Accenture had a vacancy for an analyst and since the other new joiner was recuited as analyst, she got preference and late in the evening, she got confirmation that she would join accenture in the following days to work on a specific project.

Meanwhile, i will be assigned another task in DCDMC itself, until i get assigned on some project, where my software engineering skills will be put at test for the first project.

At accenture, i met some friends, including Zainab, with whom i made a tour to WAY to get something to eat. Thnks zai for accompanying me ;)

After our visit to accenture, we were brought back to Plouis where we met our manager who talked a bit wiz us, explaining practically everything which concerns us, the job, our role and the company.

i would like to add that all the (future) collegues and managers are all very friendly and the working environment is pleasant :DSo, a big HI to them if any of them happen to read this.

I am confident that we would be making a great team if we work together on some project in the very near future.
However i would get my working space, perhaps by tomorrow.

Then, we were given a document of 50 pages to read, and late in the evening, our manager questioned us a bit about that doc, but unfortunately for the first day, we hadnt learnt much and couldnt grasped everything written.

I left office (lol) at 520pm after having met the HR again to finalize who will be staying at DCDMC for the moment and who will work together wiz accenture.

fatiguer (lol) after this first day, i reached home nearly 615pm and at 6 40pm i started to blog about this very first day of my very first official job :D
Now am gonna to eat something, before coming back to chat a bit :P

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3 memorable years in uom come to an end…

After the huge success of my post about Internet Service Providers in Mauritius, today i will post about those 3 years(2004-2007) , which have unfortunately come to an end…

With the provisional results that were published on last friday, many of us are now looking for full time jobs while others are looking for parti time ones, while completing their remaining modules and also, some already working right now. Each of us, will be walking on separate paths as from now, except if we work together of course (bizin sipporte zotte encore, lol )

The First day in uni as if, it was yesterday…
The 16th august 2004, on the first day of our first semester at The University Of Mauritius.
As instructed on the Orientation Day(held a few days before), most of us went directly to the Phase I Building, Faculty Of Engineering, except some of us who already had some friends in the group, like Splash and me.
We met in front of the Auditorium and then, went to our first lecture, by a lecturer, who succeeded in fooling us by bringing some old computer parts in the lecture, which made most of us think that the module will make us learn how to assemble computers!
In this module, we spent the rest of the year, connecting wires and leds or solving binary problems!

In the following week, i made myself some friends, like the first ones were jaya, mantasha, vissen i think so. We exchanged our phone numbers and from then, we formed our own CSE Executive Group with about 15 of us, hanging around together all the time !

Initially 50 on the first day, the class quickly grew smaller down to 40 at the end of 1st year, and down to 28, at the end of this 3rd year.
Still, i think only about 15-20 will be graduating this year, and good luck to all those who still have 1 year to enjoy themselves :D

During those 3 years, we did study but we enjoyed a lot ( more than u can imagine ) and most of these moments, have been added in our cse blog, which was created only a few weeks after we started our BSC (hons) computer science and engineering course.

Most birthday parties were celebrated on the university campus “avec les moyens du bord”,

We drank a lot ( water, of course) and without forgetting “prend nissa r camarades” (more at the bottom)

Designing and Constructing bridges (sa kant fini boire :P )

Without forgetting the day on which some of us fell into the water!

Also, group work were nearly rare (starting one day before deadline), class work frequent whereby parts of each question were distributed to make the job quicker.

In our first year, Some of the most important points/events were

  • The famous BMX Cycle of Mr Azagen

  • Our UNO or parties de cartes in the Common
  • The false “alerte a la bombe”
  • Our visit to Lake Point (Patinoire)

  • Change of our Form master, lol, na, we call it course coordinator here in uni!
    From mr Ramdanee to mme Baichoo
  • Birthday parties of pizon, vissen, myself, mantasha and zainab
  • Our first formal presentation, which was fun!
  • The start of our “cascade parties”

Next came the 2nd year memories, among which

  • Dieheart (Vicks) making his entry into our corome!
  • More birthdays: azagen, dhota.
  • Badminton craze

  • CSE (yashvin, vissen, jaya, mantasha, sandra and geshwin) In newspapers

  • Holi celebrated by geshwin
  • Group work @ vissen’s place
  • CSE working for galaxy
  • Visit to Infotech 2005

and finally, the 3rd year;

  • Kunal’s BD and his Departure to canada (finally, il etait temps!)
  • Visit to Le Morne beach

  • having fun in networks lecture

  • Project :D, looking for partners, choosing title, starting the work, doing the project documentation, software, developing, debugging, debugging and debugging, did i say debugging?
    Then submitting and doing the final year project presentation
  • and so much memories here, as if it was yesterday, writing memories on kunal’s souvenir tshirt!

During all these years, just to mention, a few quotes

  • Jean la neuf sa? Non, fek aster!
  • On phone:
    “Bonjour, je m’appelle J.K, je vous ai telephoner TALERE LA”
  • moulton or samou (lol, thats me!)
  • Ki lere la?
    5 roupies !
  • Kot slow?
    li p encore vini la :P

Well, thats all from my part, the post is pretty long,


Dont hesitate to add ur comments,
specially some of your favorite experience,moments and quotes!

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Security @ Ebene Cybercity, Tower 1

Ebene Cybercity, Tower 1…
the most intelligent building in Mauritius at least (thats what is being told)

well, many of u have sure been there and may have seen the security deployed there,at entry, or before entering the lifts…

The Control Room, has always amazed me…
I would be grateful to that person who could make me enter there and allow me to see if the screens are not just screensavers :P

however, i managed to see a security guard there, glaring at a screen, divided into more than 10 portions, displaying camera outputs.

kouma dire “24hr chrono” manke zis jack Bauer :P

well, i nearly forgot that, i took the pic of a Visitor Card, during my last visit, yesterday. Supposingly, i think, i dont have the right to take that pic, but it wasnt written anywhere :P

lol, its not so well protected after all.

anyway, thats only a visitor’s card and each person working at the cyber tower has a permanent access card, which i dont have yet :P

wish it is for soon :)

n thats only tower 1, there are 3 more towers… :P

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