Enter myT, Exit Nomad!


Good news….

You wont be spammed by my Nomad posts anymore…

Bad News…

I will blog about slowness of myT , according to my first speed test, 73kbps Download, 29kbps Upload… its a very good start, grrr….

Anyway, it wont be for now….




So, now that my Nomad Contract is over, i will try my luck wiz myT.
No Comments from the 2 installation guys from MT, they were cool, and everything is working properly, except that i am receiving only 4 channels on the TNT, got to check my antenna tomorrow.

Well, thats all for this post….

I have finally moved to myT,

According to you, Good or Bad thing? Compared to Nomad?

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1st blogging anniversary! youpiii !

On the 1st October 2006, a new blog appeared among the few blogs which existed in the mauritian blogosphere.

Already 1yr has elapsed now since the first post in this blog, which proved to be a wise idea, after being online through my personal web site since 2002.

This year, am ‘celebrating ‘ my 5th year being online and now, my 1st blogging anniversary…

So, a big
happy blogging anniversary
for this 1st year…

Some quick stats since 1st october 2006

  • 130 posts
  • 41,020 visitors
  • 226 comment posters
  • 47 links

I wish to thank all of u for ur regular visits, comments and feedback which has helped me improve a lot in many ways.

Long live my bloggggggggggg !y

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to my dear laptop…

To my dear laptop,

please do not hibernate now, i have to tell you something that may be hard for you to store onto ur drive.

Its already been more than 3 years now that u have been wiz me, sharing my good and bad times through my virtual life, more specially, u know what and also all those assignments n projects that we have done together…

U have been of a huge help to me, but now, i think that its becoming a bit difficult for us to communicate properly.

Some 2 years ago, i had sent you for repairs to Singapore since u were still under warranty. i hope u still remember those 10 lines that appeared on ur 15″ LCD screen. I have been separated from u for 2 whole months and now, 3 years after, the 10 lines are nothing to the 60 lines (and still counting) that have enhanced ur screen, making my life quite a hell for watching films or using the net…


I know u r not at fault, but i will be here wiz you even in ur bad times.
I will also provide u the moral support to make u forget those “signes de beautés”.

Today i have the immense pleasure to announce to you that i will very soon buy another monitor to connect to ur VGA port and that would be of immense benefit to you.

I sincerely hope that u will try ur best to stay by my side for some time more, sharing some more time together…

Your faithful user,


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Freshly graduated.

graduated-me.jpg The day is finally here. I can now officially announce my graduation in BSc(Hons) Computer Science & Engineering although the certificate will be delivered in December!
Together with my parents, we reached Reduit at about 1245, just when it began to rain cats n dogs. All the graduating students were redirected towards a room where we hired the Gown(robe) and the cap for a sum of rs450. Rs450 for only 2hrs! That’s pretty expensive!While the parents were being seated in the auditorium hall, the students queued outside the hall, happily gossiping since we met after quite some time. Most of us were sweating like never before because of the gown and the cap. Fortunately, there were still a few fans working in there.We stood in that tight hall for more than 1 hour, with our cap sometimes on our head and sometimes in our hand, or on the floor. We finally marched proudly into the hall as instructed, with our cap in our left hand, while we tried to find familiar faces in the assistance.
us-1.jpg Just after being seated, I got so hungry! Ene faim leve bezer… I believe that most of us turned hungry and thirsty too.

Cant say about my next seat neighbor, who was fasting….Ki to dire Zai? lol

1 hour later, the graduation ceremony for our course ended but we still had to wait another additional 1 hour for the agriculture students.

hmm, just remembered a joke which I cracked mone in the queue, outside hall. The students graduating were from 3 departments :

  • Computer Science & Enginneering and Information System, then
  • Electronics and Computer Science and finally
  • students of Agriculture.

I told my friends:

Attention, si zotte coster r electronics, zotte gagne koup courant et si zotte al vers seki agriculture, zotte gagne koup pioche :P

After the graduation ceremony, we had to queue again to get this moment immortalized by professional photographers.

The refreshment were being served in the cafeteria.

Au menu :

  • Jus Sunquick,
  • Coffee and
  • bajia, lol (Situation financiere oblige à l’universite de Maurice)

Happy graduation to all!


youpiiiiii, ressi graduate finalement ! It was nice seeing all of u again friends….

Now some blackmailing;

Seki bisin high resolution pictures of graduation are required to leave a comment here. I’m so generous :-)

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