pages of my life…


Since some weeks, there have been some considerable changes including the change of name of my blog to :

yashvin, pages of my life…

special thnks all my friends & colleagues for their enormous support, even when i told them not to worry koz i was doing gr8… they didnt believe me, koz it was really hard to believe despite what had happenned and that i was still zen… getting frequent sms, miscalls, pokings, nudges lol, all the time to make me remember that they are always here…

Also, thnks to those who proposed altenative names for my blog, indeed a very difficult task…After some individual brainstorming sessions wiz Avishna, Amishi, Feerdosh, Deepa, Neha, Varsha, Vicks, Manta, Jaya, Vissen, Laksh, Zai, Yas & Fadil (hope pane blier personne) + a small modification gave my blog a new shine of light.

Some like it while to others, it seems a bit strange, but i finally adopted it, until i find something nicer…

however since the last weeks, i enjoyed a lot wiz friends every weekend

  • Le Pouce Climbing wiz colleagues
  • Enjoying wiz friends, last saturday, after nearly 3 months!


  • Coming this weekend, DCDMC Water day + Camping on same night @ flic en flac among colleagues,

so here it is, a new beginning, a new era to be discovered…

henceforth blogging the pages of my life…

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First meeting wiz my virtual friend

She is one of my first friends i made on the net, and finally, after perhaps more than 3 years, we met…I dont remember exactly how we met each other on the web, but most surely through my web site.

Well, she is Feerdosh, a girl of mauritian origin who lives in france since her early years and now, she is married to a mauritian, Khalid, but still lives out there in france…

Photo Errattum,lol
Hey attention, pas p poze lamain narien lo her la,
C only lo banc la ki mo lamain eter!

Since those early days, we have been sharing out a lot of views, secrets, advices and a lot, lot of zourer, lol.
Wat i liked in our friendship is that, we talked practically in lots of languages at the same time, english, french, creole, et meme boute boute hindi :P
Also bits of our secrets were shared, without forgetting les “zourers” she formulated towards other ennemies.

Today, after all those years, we managed to meet in Caudan since she is in Mauritius for some weeks and we took lunch together, a bit of causette :)
Was really nice to finally meet you feerdosh…


I just remembered Archu, one of my very first virtual friends, who turned out to be one of my cousins in my extented-extented-extended family. Archu too is one of my very first friends on the net, and its only after nearly 1-2 years that we came to know we r cousins n we attended the same wedding, n i nearly missed her, koz she was there itself…
I still remember how much she visited my site, added comments in guest book or that first picture of her she managed to send… Thnks to u too archu…
I do not expect much comments on this post, but i wanted to show my gratitude and respect to those of my earliest friends i made through my web site, and who till now, are still here, among my msn contacts.


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Anou monte Le Pouce!

1st Mission Complete…

Yesterday, Veronique, Nisha, Bernard & Myself, all colleagues from DCDMC, successfully completed our first plan together.

Its only after i think nearly 2 months that i have gone out wiz friends, and i think its high time




At 945, We had set off from St Pierre’s Bus Station, walked for some 45 mins till the foot of Le Pouce.


We then reached the tip at 1150, took lunch on the tip’s surroundings (la plaine, lol) and we started our march down towards Plouis this time at about 130pm and we, painfully for some, reached the other side of the mountain at about 4pm.

You can watch the small clip i shot from the tip of Le Pouce below;

We are still deciding about our next plan, either Le Gorges or Montagne Lion or a camping weekend :)


Keep posted for the pics, which will be available perhaps in the next post…

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Mobile phone nowadays…

Who doesnt use mobile phones nowadays?


Just imagine your day without your mobile, the loneliness of your pocket and the emptiness of your hand, lol.

Well, in my short lifetime, i used (in order)

  1. “Dancall” : solid, heavy duty and can be used as a matraque to stop trouble makers!
  2. Ericsson A2628, euh, considerably big – lost :(
  3. Ericsson T10 :), so trendy at that time (sold)
  4. Motorola Talkabout (i dont remember the name, lying in my drawer)
  5. Nokia 3330, white one, the next most common mob (euh, sold)
  6. Nokia 1100 (just gave to dad, as secondary mob)
  7. Nokia 6600 (given to my sis)
  8. Nokia N73 ( FOR SALE AT RS10,000)
  9. Nokia N80i,the latest in my collections


Yesterday i acquired the N80 Internet Edition, for the only reason, i needed a wifi mobile at home to use with the livebox. With the help of Splash (thnks!), i configured the connection and am still using it, while am not sitting at my laptop.



However, the N73 is much more nicer than the N80 for different reasons;

  • Carl Zeiss Optics, 3.15 MP
  • Stereo Speakers (available only in N73 and N95)
  • Larger screen than N80
  • Brighter Screen than N80
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 2 days battery life even for heavy usage

As i mentioned earlier, the






Only Rs10,000



  • Made In Finland
  • 3.15 MP Camera wiz Carl Zeiss Optics
  • Stereo Speakers
  • All Original Accessories + Charger
  • Box
  • Used since April 2007
  • Manufacture Date : Nov 2006

I am not really keen to sell it, when comparing both mobiles, but since i have now permanently moved to emtel (Damn Network!), i wont need 2 different mobs.
For 2 months, i used my Nokia 1100 and N73 at the same time.

Btw, i already have some potential customers, so hurry up…

My next target is the superb, extraordinary N95!!!


The Mobile of your dreams, nothing compared to that iPhone!

hmm, target set to 1 month or max 2 months :)

Well, now, wat mobs have u been using since ur first one?

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