Happy BD to me! – To the northern islands with Passion Océane

This is a personal blog nah? As compared to old times, I tend to put less personal info on the pages here, but today, I will just drop a few words…

Dhaneesha and myself went for a catamaran cruise to the northern islands for my birthday. Had a great time there, together with the other tourists and the crew. We got on board the catamaran at around 9am, sailed towards Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Quoin), Ile aux Gabriel and Ile Plate. I really enjoyed snorkeling on Ile aux Gabriel and even more at Coin de Mire. Diving from the catamaran was exciting. No burning sun but a more or less cloudy sky with a few showers of rain. So for us, Mauritians, the weather was lovely since we did not get burn nor much sun tanning 😉

Yashvin, pages of my life

The crew was really lively and nice with all of us. Greatly recommend the guys at Passion Océane!

Pens down.

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  • Daks

    heyy moisi mo ti fer snorkeling, sement avec gros gillet sauvetage :$
    zoli zoli poissons dans lamer…..et li bien peacefulllllllllllllllll 🙂

  • T0rped0

    Donc, si ou’nn monte lor Passion Océane mais pa’nn réssi debark lor Ilot Gabriel, c’est ki Passion Océane pas ti assez (ditou) larmé-sek ar bann ki larmé-sek plonzé-soumarine ar Navin… Hmmm… Bez sa, fauder larmé-sek ar PM pou ki bann morisien capav mett lipié lors bann ilot morisien: alle comprend!

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