Smart idea to avoid scratching your vehicle when pulling in the garage.

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  • Very nice idea Yashvin…No investment…well except for the toys 😛

  • From afar, I would bet that (1) the blackboard indicates someone giving private tuitions and (2) hanged dolls = voodoo.

    Therefore (1) + (2) = private tuitions in voodoo 🙂

    Imagine that instead of hanging nice clean dolls, you hanged other apparently creepy stuff, like stuffed animals, old clothing/magazines, masks, coconut shells, dried spices/insects, etc… I guess you’d be submerged with… clients! 🙂

  • Tushal

    If you don’t know where your car’s body stops and starts. . you need to reconsider driving. 🙂

    Just to be on the topic: Or you can put a used tire against the wall.Well, better than dolls.:)

  • Bernardo

    Well… this proves that some big guys play with dolls 🙂

  • “Using” should not be confused with the word “Play” 🙂

    Anyway, lol, my younger sis’ belongings

  • Ashvin Bhookhun

    I was using the car lights as guide and it worked fine for me

  • yurit0s

    install a mirror 😉

  • This one is much cheaper 😉

  • I would like to install a mirror. Bannes la glace ki imper rond la.
    Enfin mo pena dolls cote moi. Donc prefère buy mirror laem! ^^


    playing with dolls actually served you a purpose!

  • Why not just put 2 marker lines on the walls ( cot retroviseur la ). Its the best way as i need to put 2 cars in my garage now and it was quite a burden for me too. But dolls… Imagine u fight with someone before leaving home…. and they move the rope a bit backwards…. Aweeee….

  • Rabazoi

    to methode la wadire coze boukou pou dire tigit. mo fek apran condire ek mo ena 3 repaire dan mo garaz. 1 a droite, 1 a gos ek ene kan guet dan retrovizer endans. mo chek repaire tultan kan met loto dan garaz ek ziska lher mo loto in tultan 100% meme place. mo pne instal ni ecrir nanien. mo servi ban mark ki ena natirellement dan mo garaz

  • AshvinDX

    Pretty simple and discrete method: Just put a wooden plank at the mark you need your tyres to stop. This way, you can go all the way until your tires feel the resistance of the wood… Get my point?

  • Nice!
    Thanks for sharing.