[Guest post] “Problème de paramétrage” says Canal+ Canal Sat to furious football fans

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  • Simple. Stream. 🙂

  • When companies aim way too higher about making profits, thats what happen in the end, well, it sucks for subscribing to satellites tv after such response

  • Preetesh Prayag

    ki vrai ti gagne sa tard?? chance pn atan ziska minuit!! ti pu pik n super kriz asoir saaa :/ :/

  • Tushal

    Wai match ti commenC avec une heure de retard.

  • @ Muzzammil:


    If you watch the advertisements on CanalSat channels, you’ll see offers like “Tout CanalSal pour 30EUR par mois” but how come that the same thing is sold at Rs 1,790 per month here?

    ABNORMAL profits, my dear Sir!

  • Roshan

    pas zis ene fois inn arrive sa!!! entour le cas, Canal+ so service pas ditou!!

  • yurit0s

    ban la p asizer dans biro et bez cash !!!