Happy birthday to her…

happy bd

She grew 1 year older today…

Happy birthday once again dou!

Next event…. 22nd March 😛


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  • Fadil

    Live Long and Prosper ^_^

  • Bernardo

    Happy B.Day to Daneesha (one more time).. However, in general ladies usually don’t like divulging or people divulging their age..
    (even if She’ll say to you “Don’t worry, it’s OK” when you’ll ask her that question, ha ha)

  • Yashvin

    @Bernardo : lol. As you guessed, she won’t mind at all… Else, she would not insist on having 2 candles (2 and 6).
    She likes growing up 😛

  • deepa

    Hmm gato ti bon..
    Happy birthday enkor un fois e en retard 😛

  • Dhaneesha

    Thankssssssss douuuuuu 😛