Another sunday…

Hello friends :-)

Wonderful sunday, isn’t it?

As usual, I reached Mont Choisy at 6am for some jogging but however, I preferred not to go for a swim because the tide was exceptionally low. At some point of the beach, corals(or big rocks) could be spotted just few meters from the swimming zone.

I included a few random shots to share with you(Click to enlarge).

I even spotted some sort of small kind of fish or “anguille”. I thought it was one until a passing-by fisherman told me that they call it “LaBrasse”. The short clip :

I will most probably go to the beach again later today for some diving/swimming. And how’s your sunday going on?


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  • Dvil

    ein albion ki mo ti hbaituer trouve sa . li resemler ene ti murene rite??

  • Anonymous

    Really nice photos tks. Sunny and lazy Sunday here, just working on another blog article and relaxing with the Kindle.

  • le_voyageur

    yeah wonderful sunday, lol, mo fek lever la,, :)

    random post #2 suivi du wake me up when september ends,, lol

    nice sunrise but, i can feel the serenity :) ,, that lebrasse thingy sound disgusting :O i hate reptiles,, lol :X

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Mo ti penser ene murene meme moi. Mais bon, li parait imper so cousin 😛

  • carrotmadman6

    Saw a sugarcane truck overturned. Saw 2 planes take-off & 1 land. Saw a bat.
    Got lost & found my way via GPS. Took 1024 pics. & saw a dead man on the

    Ah… a typical Sunday. :)

  • Torpedo

    Nothing to say about the Kamajeet affair…?

  • Yashvin Awootar

    lol. This guy screwed himself.

  • korn1

    Ahhh beautiful Mauritius,need to sort out my citizenship so one day I can also enjoy Sundays like that. :)

  • thelearner

    Heyy,, hi @yashvinawootar:disqus  :)

    Please can you(or anyone else willing) tell me where can i learn how to to swim in Mauritius!!
    I live Flacq.
    Thanks in advance dude.. this blog rocks

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Hi. Hope that someone can help. Difficult to say in your region. Cheers!

  • thelearner

    I dont mind if it’s not in my region.. for sure, i can travel elsewhere too! the only thing is that i just want to learn how to swim the sooner the possible…